About Purcell Marian

Our Motto:  Outstanding Among All

School Colors:  Crimson, Blue & Gold

Fight Song:  Onward Cavaliers

Mascot:  Cavaliers

Purcell Marian High School is a Roman Catholic co-ed high school serving a diverse population of students. Through a unique collaboration by the Society of Mary and the Sisters of Charity, Purcell Marian was founded to teach the faith and prepare our graduates for post-secondary opportunities in our ever changing world.

Purcell Marian’s rigorous and comprehensive curriculum ranges from Advanced and College Preparatory level coursework to an individualized educational program with our specialized Student Support Services Team. A sample of the diverse offerings include:

• A Collegium partnership with the University of Cincinnati and Mount St. Joseph University – along with dual-credit opportunities – enables many of our students to graduate with more than 50 college credit hours. These courses include science, mathematics, foreign language, social sciences, English and the humanities.  Many of our students graduate as college sophomores, with actual college transcripts. • A wonderful partnership with the University of Cincinnati’s College of Conservatory Music and our own Queen’s Men theatre group allow our students to experience a wide range of arts including musical using subwoofers, visual and performance. • In addition to our demanding curriculum we recognize the needs of all students are different, and therefore offer programs that include the Scholastic: Read 180 program, the Marianist Urban Students Program (MUSP) and the Lavatus Powell Program (LPP).

Purcell Marian High School is an excellent Catholic high school with a dedicated staff, truly dedicated to the spirit of educating the whole student — including gifts and abilities of all levels.   Our students leave our building prepared for the demands of our society, with the education, skills, leadership and collaborative experience necessary to not only succeed, but to excel. Many of our students have become leaders of large corporations while others have dedicated their lives to the service of others. And the benefit of having worked side by side with students headed in many directions, and opportunities limited only by their imagination.  Whichever path they may choose, Purcell Marian graduates are prepared spiritually, academically, and socially to take on life’s challenges!

Go Cavaliers!