Purcell Marian is unique in offering a tailor-made curriculum for each student, with classes ranging from Advanced Placement and College Preparatory to our Special Needs Program.

Each student is encouraged to strive for academic excellence at their academic level. Purcell Marian believes in the innate dignity and ability of each child, and is committed to their individual development.

Purcell Marian offers five levels of courses that are designed to meet the individual needs of our students:

Advanced Placement Courses are designed for students who have demonstrated superior skills in any of the curricular subjects. Students taking advanced courses in Physics, English, Calculus, Chemistry and Computer Science take the AP Exams for college credit.

College Preparatory Courses are designed for students who intend and have demonstrated the ability to continue their education in college.

General Courses are designed for students entering college or the work force.

Remedial Courses are designed for freshmen and sophomores who need extra help and remediation in one or several academic areas so they can matriculate into AP, College Preparatory or General Courses.

Student Support Services Team serves students with specific learning disabilities, physical challenges, ADHD, and other health impairments. Student support Services Team is designed for certified learning disabled students, and for students with developmental disabilities who wish to graduate from high school.