The Guidance Program has as its chief function counseling students and collaborating with parents, administration, and faculty.  The Guidance Program is a comprehensive program of services designed to give individual assistance to all students to help them achieve the greatest possible development in educational, vocational, personal, social and civic concerns.  Both school facilities and out-of-school resources are used in this program.

Group conferences for parents are planned as part of the guidance program.  Parents are encouraged to note the dates as they are announced in the school calendar and to attend.  Parents are also urged to contact the counselors by phone to arrange for a conference visit whenever they the need to do so.

Guidance Department Personnel

SAT/ACT School Code: 361-070

Nicole Brinkman, Guidance Secretary
Phone: 487-3119

Guidance Phone Number   513-487-3119

Guidance Fax Number       513-487-3161

Sarah Castlen, Counselor
ALL Students with LAST Name A ~ J

Natalie Mullholand, Counselor
ALL Students with LAST Name K ~ Z