PM Academic Structure


Purcell Marian offers a broad curriculum tailored to the needs of our students.  As Purcell Marian is grounded in the traditions of the Society of Mary and the Sisters of Charity, we strive to fully prepare our students for their post-secondary endeavors.

Each student is encouraged to strive for academic excellence at their academic level. Purcell Marian believes in the innate dignity and ability of each child and is committed to their individual development.

Purcell Marian offers five levels of courses that are designed to meet the individual needs of our students:

  1. Advanced Placement Courses
  2. College Preparatory Courses
  3. College Credit Plus
  4. Student Support Services Team
  5. GRACE Program

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Curriculum Overview

Graduation Requirements

Grade Policy

Academic Integrity and Honesty

Internet and Technology

Daily Schedule

Student Support Services Team (SSST)

GRACE Program