From the P3 President


According to Miriam – Webster, “fluidity” means the quality or state of being fluid.  To me, being a parent of a teenager requires an immense amount of fluidity in my approach to parenting.  It is almost as if my teenager and I are on a white-water rafting trip, he refuses to wear the life vest, keeps hanging over the edge, continually fighting me over the steering that I am doing with the oar (the smoothest path), and is recklessly trying to push me off the raft all together.  Staying on the raft, helping to navigate the “right” course, requires me to bend and flow in ways I would not have dreamed possible.

If this scenario sounds familiar to you, then you understand what I mean when I say “UGH!!!!!   This is hard!!!!”

So how can we, as parents of a Purcell Marian student, find a way to navigate this transition into our teen’s adulthood?   Where do we begin?

I suggest that we all begin by joining and participating in the many activities that our parent’s group, the Parent’s Plus Program (P3) has developed over the years.  Numerous studies have shown that the more involved parents are in their child’s education, the more successful the child is long term.  Involved parents = successful students.

And so, P3 has developed programs over the years that help bring parents into the school (Cavalier Walk help, Teacher Appreciation dinners, etc.), either during the school day or after normal school hours.  We are developing more programs that encourage parents to build a strong parent community, making connections to other parents for support, advice and fun (Ladies Arty Party, Tailgating, and a new Facebook page).  And finally, we have developed some new programs to help you connect with your child over the years (Muffins and donuts with Mom and Dad).

So keep an eye on your weekly newsletter, keep an eye on our Facebook page, come to the P3 meetings, volunteer as often as you can, and join our parents-only and parent-student events throughout the year.

We can help you set a reasonable, but maybe not entirely smooth, course through these high school years.  And hopefully, at the end of them, you can together steer their raft into the future.

Hope to see you all soon.

Megan Schultheis

2016-2017 P3 President

Mother of Sam (2018)

And of PM Alumni Ben (2011), Jake (2011) and Emily (2013)

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