From Principal Murphy

We’re excited to carry the momentum of the first couple of weeks into this year’s Cavalier Spirit Week!  With activities and events throughout the week, we’re reminded of the importance of family and connection.  Be sure to turn in your Walk pledge sheets before Friday — we need everyone’s involvement to make it a success!  Links to the schedule and walk information are posted in the Student Life section of this week’s newsletter.
IMPORTANT Reminders:
Beginnning of the Year Packets were due last week.  This information is very important, so please be sure your student has brought this packet and given it to the homeroom teacher.  Check the website for downloadable copies at
RenWeb (Our New Student Information and Alert System): Your updated contact information is critical!  RenWeb is where you will receive grade and course information this year but we will also send emergency notices through RenWeb this year.  Please be sure your email and your phone number are correct.  If you change phones or emails during the year, it will be VERY important update this information.
And finally, Meet the Teacher Night is tomorrow evening, Wednesday, September 7.  Be sure and join us for an inside look at your student’s day!  Let’s keep up the excitement, Cavaliers – here’s looking forward to an amazing fall quarter…hope to see you tomorrow night!
Veronica Murphy