Purcell Marian Family System


What is it?

The Purcell Marian Families Program is a system where students are able to participate in school functions as part of a larger group of students.  Each student at Purcell Marian is placed in a family.  Each family is made up of roughly 10 seniors, 10 juniors, 10 sophomores, and 10 freshmen.  Students will stay in their families until they graduate.  Each family will be given opportunities to work together in various activities throughout the school year.  Each family will have two senior captains who will lead their family and each family will have one faculty mentor.


The goal of the Purcell Marian Families Program is to help all students feel a part of something by working together in their families.  We want to build strong relationships between students as well as develop leadership.

Point System

Our Purcell Marian Families Program has a point system in order to encourage participation.  Points will be awarded throughout the year to families.  The family that earns the most points by the end of the year will receive the Cavalier Cup and a day off school.

REQUIRED: Each family is required to partake in 1 family activity per quarter.  10 points will be awarded for each family member that participates with an extra 50 points if the entire family shows up.  Senior captains must get the activity approved by their faculty mentor, then a senior captain must take a family picture at the activity and show it to their mentor to be awarded points.  The activity must take place outside of normal school hours.

Other ways to earn points include:

Family with the least number of demerits per quarter receives 100 points

Family with most people on the honor roll receives 100 points

Families can earn an extra 100 points if they do a family service project outside of school and outside the Advent and Lenten season.  Senior Captains should get approval from their faculty mentor.

Other ways to be involved with your family

We will be doing many of the same activities we always do throughout the school year, but this year we will be doing them as a family.  Below are some examples:

Sprit week, PM walk, Advent service program, Catholic schools week, Lenten service project, Cavalier Craziness, etc.

Throughout the school year, we will have family meetings during the school day and various assemblies.

We are looking forward to our Purcell Marian Families Program creating an even greater sense of school pride and community here at The Castle.  

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