Science Students Take Energy Summit to DeSales


Six sophomore students enrolled in Mr. Roberts’ Studies in Chemistry and Physics class recently attended the Youth Energy Summit sponsored by the Ohio Energy Project.  The students learned how to demonstrate several energy related topics in a very quick hitting and entertaining manner.  Topics included Sound Waves, Sound Pitch, Electric Circuits, Light Reflection and Refraction, Energy Transformation, Thermal Energy and Forces and Motion. All equipment needed to perform the demonstrations was also provided to the students to bring back to school.
As part of Catholic Schools Week, the students, along with classmates who learned from their initial Energy Summit sharing, took their demonstrations across campus to educate and entertain students at DeSales. Students who presented the interactive demonstrations were Serenity Brown, Elizabeth Grisby, Tyler Heskamp, Adam Hall, LaDayja Buchanan, Alyssa Barkley, g’Aion Dewberry and Jordan Davis.

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