Underclassmen Final Exams

Final exams are right around the corner and it is not too early for your son or daughter to be preparing for these exams.  Underclassmen final exams take place the week of May 22nd   The time schedule that will be followed is:

Exam                           8:00-9:40

Change of Class          9:40-9:55

Exam                           9:55-11:35

Announcements          11:35-11:40

Conference Period      11:45-1:30

The order of the exams is:   


1st exam           6th bell class

2nd exam          8th  bell class


1st exam           5th   bell class

2nd exam          4th  bell class


1st exam           7th bell class

2nd exam          2nd  bell class


1st exam           1st  bell class

2nd exam          3rd  bell class

Friday:           Make Up Exams:  Schedule with teacher

Teachers will be available during the conference periods.  Students may also take advantage of a quiet study place in the cafeteria.  If students would prefer to study at home, they may leave at 11:40.  Please note that students that remain will be required to be in either the cafeteria or with a teacher.

The semester exam represents 10% of the overall grade for a one credit class and therefore must be taken seriously.  Help you child develop a study plan, setting aside some time each night to review.  Identify the subjects your child finds most challenging and break the content into manageable pieces that can be reviewed.  If you find yourself saying my son or daughter never does well on these tests, maybe reviewing how your child approaches studying for the test will make a difference.  You have already identified that the present approach is not all that effective.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email your child’s teacher or myself (jeanineflick@purcellmarian.org)


Jeanine M. Flick, Academic Dean