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Welcome to Campus Ministry at Purcell Marian!

Meet Allie Brizzi, Campus Minister

Allie Brizzi has been named the new Purcell Marian Director Campus Ministry, and joins us from the University of Dayton, where she earned both an undergraduate and a masters degree in Education.  Allie is a graduate of the University of Dayton Lalanne Program, where she worked toward her masters while teaching full time as a Theology teacher.  Campus Ministry has always been her long-term goal.

The three main categories within Campus Ministry are: 

  • Retreats
  • Service 
  • Liturgy

Purcell Marian’s Campus Ministry Program revolves around the charisms of two unique orders: The Marianists and the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. The Marianists aim to bring Christ to the world as Mary did through theirs five pillars of Faith, Mission, Mary, Inclusivity, and Community. The Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati is a group of religious women who carry out the Gospel of Jesus Christ through service and prayer.

Characteristics of a Marianist Education 

  • Educate about responsibilities to God, family, neighbor and self.

  • Cultivate a willingness to serve others.

  • Bear witness to the Gospel with a personal and committed faith that touches the heart.

  • Promote dialogue between faith and culture that illuminates reality from the perspective of the Gospel.

  • Bear witness with a faithful commitment to the church that makes the Gospel credible today and tomorrow.

  • Make present the example and influence of Mary as the first disciple and as an educator in faith.
  • Create a favorable environment for education.

  • Cultivate interpersonal relationships characterized by openness, respect, integrity, and dialogue.

  • Express authority as a loving and dedicated service.

  • Influence others by exhibiting the Marianist traits of openness, hospitality, graciousness, and faith.

  • Provide a coherent curriculum, professional personnel, and adequate facilities and finances.

  • Develop respect for the dignity of the person as a son or daughter of God, unique and individual.

  • Develop an interior spirit and self-knowledge.

  • Develop a concern for global and local issues of culture, ecology, and the use of technology.

  • Foster diversity among faculty and staff as well as student body.

  • Offer Mary as a model of integrity in relation to the realities of the world.
  • Promote a missionary spirit for the reign of God.

  • Educate for solidarity, justice, and peace.

  • Attend to the poor and marginalized.

  • Promote the dignity and rights of women.

  • Promote programs of service, encouraging the formation of Christian service groups.

  • Announce the goodness and justice of God, and denounce oppression under the prophetic influence of Mary.
  • Educate to shape the future.

  • Develop critical thinking skills in the search for truths.

  • Be open and adapt to global and local context through enculturation and interdisciplinary education.

  • Be available and respond to the signs of the times in faith.

  • Educate persons to accept and respect differences in a pluralistic society.
Campus Ministry:  Focused on Spiritual Growth
  • Service Learning

    Our new Campus Ministry Office is committed to exposing students to more authentic, deeper levels of service, where impact stretches them beyond what they thought they could do.

  • Living the Gospel

    Through service, Mass, prayer and reflection, Cavaliers are encouraged to live according to the Gospel through words and actions reflective of a family of believers.

  • Marianist LIFE

    Marianist Living in Faith Experience (LIFE) is a  sponsored student group coordinated by Campus Ministry that offers high school students opportunities to explore their faith in a social setting, while coordinating spiritual activities for the school community.

  • Retreats Reinvented

    We believe retreats are critical to the formation of each student's spirituality.  That's why retreats are now required of all students at no additional cost to families.