Distance Learning Survey Highlights

Student survey Highlights


I have all the technical support I need to be successful in my classes

95.1 %

Google Classroom and other Google tools worked well for my classes. 

Our partnership with Forward Edge helped support our teacher’s and student’s technological needs, while our partnership with Beech Acres Parenting center ensured that all students had reliable internet. 


Agreed or Strongly agreed

I knew the expectations for my classes and knew what I had to do to succeed.


Agreed or Strongly agreed

My teachers were available when I needed help.

We communicated our distance learning plan early, often, and clearly to all in the school community and our teachers worked extremely hard to support our students. 

Teacher Survey Highlights


Responded positively

that they had the technical support they needed


Responded positively

that they felt supported by the Administration 


Responded positively

that they felt supported by their Grade-level teams