Incoming Freshmen Summer Bridge Program

A one-week preparation program designed to equip students with study skills, learning habits, and academic review that will address learning loss due to Covid-19 and support a successful transition into high school. The week will focus on the subjects of reading, writing, math, science, and research. Additionally, there will be sessions covering social/emotional wellness, professional skills, and habits of highly successful students.


  • Develop number sense
  • Engage in problem solving.
  • Practice inquiry


  • Collecting information from a text
  • Annotating a text
  • Identifying purpose of a text


  • Develop pre-writing strategies
  • Constructing an outline for a response
  • Creating a thesis statement


  • Summarize Primary source documents
  • Identify primary and secondary sources
  • Assess the reliability of sources


  • Analysis of data
  • Apply the scientific method

Social/Emotional Wellness

  • Recognize personal needs
  • Observe the needs of others
  • Practice coping skills

Study Skills

  • Develop organizational skills
  • Practice time management
  • Formulate a plan for success

Professional Skills

  • Use Google tools proficiently
  • Email etiquitte
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The Summer Bridge Program is strongly recommended for any incoming Purcell Marian freshman student hoping to prepare academically, professionally, and emotionally for a strong start to high school. Students can sign up for one 1-week session. Registration for either session is due by June 20, 2022.

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