Purcell Marian High School  has become the newest member of the prestigious global community of schools offering the International Baccalaureate in 157 different countries. Led by seasoned Catholic educator Bob Herring, Purcell Marian, is the only private school in Greater Cincinnati to achieve this distinction and will be offering the IB Diploma Program beginning with the 2020-21 academic year. The Diploma Program is for Juniors and Seniors and consists of nine (9) college-level classes. Students may be enrolled in an IB class, but not in the IB Diploma Program, as part of our IB for All philosophy. Freshmen and Transfer students who meet the academic requirements at the time of acceptance, will be considered “Pre-IB” students for their freshmen and sophomore years and will then apply for the diploma program at the end of the sophomore year. For more information, contact Bob Herring, Director of International Baccalaureate + Global Programs at bherring@purcellmarian.org.