Catholic Inner-City Schools (CISE) and Marianists Urban Student Program (MUSP) at Purcell Marian

Students, who have graduated from any of the CISE schools listed below, are automatically enrolled in the CISE support program and are eligible for MUSP. The Marianist Urban Student Program (MUSP) was designed with a holistic approach to the education of the child – spiritual, social, intellectual, physical, cultural, and financial. Purcell Marian was the first site of the Marianist Urban Student Program.


CISE Schools Include:
  • St. Boniface
  • Corryville Catholic
  • St. Francis De Sales
  • St. Francis Seraph
  • Holy Family
  • St. Joseph
  • St. Lawrence
  • Resurrection

CISE support includes tuition assistance (if you do not have the EdChoice Program) and mentorship with regular meetings with our CISE Coordinator who:

  • Collaborates with teachers on behalf of the student;
  • Connects parents with teachers and staff; and
  • Works with students to develop post-high school plans in accordance with Purcell Marian’s 3E Guarantee. (link to 3E Guarantee)

Some financial assistance is available to support student interests/extracurricular activities.


The mission of the MUSP program is to assist students and their families to achieve success in their education within the Christian atmosphere of an urban high school. Within the program, students receive tuition assistance, participate in enrichment activities, work with the director in academic coaching and goal setting, and explore many other learning and service opportunities. Students are also guided on test preparation, college applications, job searches, and much more.
MUSP requires an application. First, the student must complete the application to attend Purcell Marian High School and then schedule a shadow visit. Secondly, the student must complete the MUSP application, the 150-word essay on why they should be chosen for MUSP, and obtain two letters of recommendation from 7th and/or 8th grade teachers. Applications for the Class of 2024 will be available by October 1, 2019.