Purcell Marian has carefully prepared a reopening plan for the 2020-21 school year to best meet the educational needs of our students, while also keeping our faculty and families healthy. Our COVID-19 task force group will re-evaluate our plan every two weeks to determine if we need to transition to a new phase.
Highlights of the reopening plan include:
  • Three distinct models for student learning
    • Plan A - All students in school following mandatory safety protocols. Full classrooms with at least three feet of social distancing
    • Plan B - Hybrid Learning. All freshmen in school with sophomores, juniors, and seniors alternating between in-person and virtual learning. Classes limited to 12 students and six feet of social distancing.
    • Plan C - Online Distance Learning. All students learning virtually
  • Moving the first day of school to Wednesday, August 26 and beginning in Plan B
  • The introduction of a 4x4 Block Schedule to allow for a seamless transition between each Plan
Our full school reopening guide PDF can be found below.

Helpful Videos

Principal Farfsing '95 gives an overview of Purcell Marian's reopening plan:

Assistant Principal Tobin explains PM's 4x4 block schedule:

Assistant Principal Tobin explains PM's Hybrid rotation:

Dean of Student Johnetta Johnson '94 explains PM's safety measures: