Lenny Hamm
This is Lenny’s 53rd year here at PM teaching Latin. Lenny says he loves the students here, the faculty, and administrators, and he has always been devoted to them.  He and his wife of 50 years have 7 children and 9 grandchildren., and adopted their 7th child, Alex, when he was one month old.  Alex participates in Special Olympics as a swimmer, bowler, bocci ball player, and soccer player. Lenny, his wife, and Alex, attend almost all of their grandchildren’s soccer, basketball, volleyball, cross country, and track events. Lenny says family is the most important thing in his life and always has been. 
Favorite quote: “Si hoc legere possis, nimiam sapientiam habeas,” which translates to “If you can read this, you have great wisdom.” 
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