Student Life


Welcome to Purcell Marian’s Student Life home on the web!
At PMHS we believe a healthy student culture derives from the student body itself and faculty, staff and administrators are here to simply create situations in which our students can actualize the best versions of themselves.

As a result, there are many ways for students to get involved at PMHS outside of the arena of sports. See the tabs to the right for more information on how to get involved. As Dean of Student Life it is my job to oversee the student culture of the school.

I believe proactive and promotive orientations capture the best in our students, and prefer this orientation to reactive and preventive measures. That said, I believe we all have a stake in moving the PMHS Family forward. I do my best to help all of the Cavaliers embrace this fact and own it.

Our school is built on Student Life, and the lives of our students are of great value to all of us here. Please take some time and read how we work very hard to improve the lives of the young so to ensure a brighter and healthier future for all of us.

Jon Tobin, Dean of Student Affairs