Outstanding Among All

As a Catholic community, we are committed to cultivating the best in each for the benefit of all, by fostering faith, hard work, and service to others. Fulfilling our mission is only possible through the tremendous generosity of countless alumni, parents, friends and community leaders who chose to invest in our students. Our education is rooted in the traditions of the Marianists and Sisters of Charity, we foster faith, hard work, and service to others. We believe love inspires learning. We believe every student is different and these differences strengthen our community. We challenge our students to be open-minded risk-takers, and engaged global citizens, who eagerly pursue knowledge and new experiences.

With your support, our students learn and live these values today, and carry them forward for a lifetime.

Every gift made to Purcell Marian High School benefits our students, faculty and staff, supports the programs that make us unique and helps to maintain our historic campus for generations to come.

Thank you for investing in Purcell Marian High School.

Candice Jones Peelman ‘04

Director of Development

513-751-1230 ext. 127


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