Freshmen placement is determined on the basis of grades, teacher recommendations, the results from the placement and state testing, as well as participation in the freshmen orientation program. At the end of each year, teachers and the academic team will evaluate students to ensure that they are performing at their highest potential. Adjustments are made as needed in consultation with the academic team, students, and parents.


This pathway is an accelerated, rigorous program of studies that is designed for our most academically capable, self-motivated students. The IB Program encourages students to think critically, challenge assumptions, consider both local and global contexts, and develop research, collaboration, and communication skills. During their freshman and sophomore years, students take “pre-IB” Honors courses to prepare for the rigors of the IB program. During their junior and senior years, students are permitted to take individual IB courses based on teacher recommendation, student interest, and grade qualifications. If students are IB Diploma Program candidates, they are required to take the six IB content classes in addition to completing the three core components: Theory of Knowledge; Extended Essay; and Creativity, Activity, and Service. Students in the IB Programme have the ability to earn college credit should they achieve qualifying grades and scores.


CP (College Preparatory)

This program is designed to meet the academic curriculum requirements for acceptance at four-year colleges and universities. Students will complete 4 credits each in English, Math, and Science; 3-4 credits in Social Studies; 2-3 credits of a foreign language. Students will be encouraged to take College Credit Plus classes where they may earn college credit should they achieve qualifying grades and scores.


This program is designed to prepare students for post-secondary experiences including community colleges, the military, or other post-secondary training. Students will complete 4 credits in English and Math (including at least Algebra II), 3-4 credits in Science and Social Studies, and quality academic electives. Typically, students in this program will receive a support bell which may include a resource bell as part of our CS3 program requirements.