Financial Aid + Tuition

Ohio EdChoice Scholarship Program

The State of Ohio’s EdChoice Scholarship Program covers $8,407 of tuition for students who reside in persistently under-performing public school districts.  In addition, the newly implemented EdChoice Expansion program applies to all students who reside in Ohio.  If a family’s household income is at or below 450% of the Federal Poverty Level, they will be awarded the maximum scholarship amount through EdChoice Expansion ($8,407). If a family’s household income is at or above 451% of the Federal Poverty Level, the student’s scholarship award will be prorated as follows: 451-500% ($7,050), 501-550% ($5,000), 551-600% ($3,550), 601-650% ($2,500), 651-700% ($1,750), 701-750% ($1,250) and 751%+ ($950).

To apply for the EdChoice or EdChoice Expansion Scholarship Program, contact the Business Office. Families are responsible for the remaining tuition costs and must pay the student fees. Learn more at the Ohio Department of Education. This website also has information about the Jon Peterson Special Needs and the Autism Scholarship Programs.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Purcell Marian has several scholarships and financial aid opportunities available to students. Please visit the scholarship page for more information regarding our financial aid and scholarship program.


Tuition for the 2024-2025 school year is $12,000 plus a Student Fee of $1,300. Services provided by the Center for Student Support Services have additional costs that include classroom fees and hourly billing for special education. Purcell Marian is a provider of services for both John Peterson and Autism Scholarship programs, which are offered by the State of Ohio.  For more information please contact the Business Office.