Meet the Team

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Administrative Team

Andy Farfsing
Class of 1995

VIEW PROFILEafarfsing@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 100

Johnnetta Johnson
Class of 1994
Dean of Students

VIEW PROFILEjjohnson@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 102

Admissions Office

Dawn Ellington
Class of 2004
Director of Admissions

VIEW PROFILEdellington@purcellmarian.org513-751-1230 ext. 128

Advancement Office

Candice Jones Peelman
Class of 2004
Director of Development

VIEW PROFILEcpeelman@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 127

Amanda Ryan
Development Associate

VIEW PROFILEaryan@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 413

Athletic Department

D.J. Dowdy
Director of Athletics/Head Football Coach

VIEW PROFILEddowdy@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 123

Reid Hollinger
Assistant Director of Athletics

VIEW PROFILErhollinger@purcellmarian.org513-751-1230 ext. 122

LeTisha Mosley
Assistant Director of Athletics/Communications

VIEW PROFILElmosley@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230

Business Office

Doniella Yussuf
Administrative Assistant

VIEW PROFILEdyussuf@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 2

Stephanie Willenbrink
Tuition Specialist and Board Secretary

VIEW PROFILEswillenbrink@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 103

College + Career Center

Kim Farley-Smith
School Counselor/CISE Advocate

VIEW 513.751.1230

Chris Wilke
Director of the Career Initiatives Program 

VIEW PROFILEcwilke@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 407


Steven Bohné
Director of Marketing + Communications

VIEW PROFILEsbohne@purcellmarian.org513-751-1230 ext. 129

LeTisha Mosley
Assistant Director of Athletics/Communications

VIEW PROFILElmosley@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230

Academic Consultant

Mary Ann Buchino 

VIEW PROFILEmbuchino@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 


International Baccalaureate Program

Bob Herring
Class of 1968
Director of the International Baccalaureate Program + Global Programs

VIEW PROFILEbherring@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 204

Barret Bell
Research Center Coordinator/IB Team

VIEW PROFILEbbell@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 209

Technology + Support

Tyler Erwin
Forward Edge Instructional Technology Coach

VIEW PROFILEterwin@purcellmarian.org513-751-1230

Patricia Clancy
Academic Specialist/Testing Coordinator

VIEW PROFILEpclancy@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 216

Lindsay Farfsing
Class of 1995
Auxiliary Services Coordinator/Cincinnati Public Schools

VIEW PROFILElfarfsing@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 414

Mark Majick
School Registrar/EDGE Instructor/Head Basketball Coach

VIEW PROFILEmmajick@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 212

Student Wellness

Beech Acres Counseling
Stephanie Born
Family Engagement Coordinator/Beech Acres Team Lead Supervisor

VIEW PROFILEsborn@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 208

Lindsay Thuot
Family Peer Support Provider

VIEW PROFILELThuot@beechacres.org513.751.1230



Cecilia Padilla
Visual Arts/Dance Teacher

VIEW PROFILEcpadilla@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230

Joey Versoza 
Visual Arts Teacher/IB Team

VIEW PROFILEjversoza@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 402

Center For Student Support Services (CS3)

Christina Miller
Student Support Services Teacher

VIEW PROFILEcmiller@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230

Katie Goddard
Director of the Center for Student Support Services

VIEW PROFILEkgoddard@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 301

Genise Caldwell
Speech Therapist

gcaldwell@purcellmarian.org513-751-1230 ext. 337

Kathy Fischesser
Speech Pathologist

VIEW PROFILE513.751.1230 ext. 337

Charlie Ulrich
Class of 1974
Student Support Services Teacher 

VIEW PROFILEculrich@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 303

Catholic Inner-city School Education (CISE)

Kim Farley-Smith
School Counselor/CISE Advocate

VIEW 513.751.1230


Lavatus Powell Program

Sr. Janet Linz
Co-Director of the Lavatus Powell Program 

VIEW PROFILEjlinz@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 118

Julie Wilke
Co-Director of Lavatus Powell Program 

VIEW PROFILEjwilke@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 118


Marian Johnson
Mathematics Teacher/Cincinnati Public Schools

VIEW PROFILEmjohnson@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 335

Kyle Nobbe
Math Teacher/IB Team/Teacher Coach

VIEW PROFILEknobbe@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 221

Kevin Schomaker
Class of 1999
Mathematics Teacher/IB Team/Head Coach - Golf

VIEW PROFILEkschomaker@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 223

Marianist Urban Student Program (MUSP)

Jamar Mosley
MUSP Coordinator /Head Coach - Girls Basketball

VIEW PROFILEjmosley@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 333



Elizabeth Ulrich
Class 2009
Science Teacher/IB Team

VIEW PROFILEeulrich@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 341

Social Studies

Luke Newton
Social Studies Teacher

VIEW PROFILElnewton@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230

Maggie Zolides
Social Studies Teacher/IB Team

VIEW PROFILEmzolides@purcellmarian.org513-751-1230 ext. 224

Jim Duggan
Class of 1991
Social Studies Teacher/Sophomore Dean

VIEW PROFILEjduggan@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 222

Sebastian Misleh
Social Studies Teacher/Freshmen Dean

VIEW PROFILEsmisleh@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 226

World Language

Andrea Heile
Spanish Teacher/IB Team 

VIEW PROFILEaheile@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 112

Emma O'Connor
Hispanic Outreach Coordinator/Spanish Teacher

VIEW PROFILEeoconnor@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 405

Lindasia Wyche
Class of 2014
American Sign Language I Teacher

lwyche@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 110