The Priority Application and Scholarship deadline is Friday, December 3, 2021. After this date, there is no guarantee that financial aid/scholarship dollars will be available. Purcell Marian has several scholarships available as part of our scholarship program. To apply for Scholarships, first create a FACTS Account and complete the grant + aid application by clicking on the button below.


Scholarships are renewable yearly if the student meets the following performance measures:

  • Maintains a 2.0 minimum grade point average;
  • Maintains satisfactory behavior and attendance records while at Purcell Marian High School; and
  • Participates in at least one co-curricular activity while at Purcell Marian High School.

MUSP Scholarship

  • The Marianist Urban Student Program Scholarship (MUSP) | Please print and submit all documents to the Purcell Marian Office of Admissions.

MUSP Scholarship Application

Purcell Marain Scholarships

  • The BOH/Jack Toomb Memorial Scholarship | This scholarship is available to students who are focused on their studies, their faith, and their future. The recipients of this scholarship will receive 50% toward their tuition at Purcell Marian. A student essay, parent letter, and teacher recommendations are required. Please print and submit all documents to the Purcell Marian Office of Admissions.
  • The BREMS Scholarship | This scholarship is open to freshmen who truly are “Outstanding Among All.” Students are awarded this scholarship based on academics, student involvement on and off-campus, and being a known servant leader. Two letters of recommendation are required.
  • The Baccalaureate Scholarship | These scholarships are available to all students and awarded to knowledgeable thinkers and communicators, who are caring leaders ready to become true Cavaliers. Financial need is also taken into consideration. Two letters of recommendation are required.
  • The Principal Scholarship | These scholarships are awarded to a select number of freshmen and determined by the Principal of Purcell Marian High School. Students who complete the scholarship application and describe their leadership skills and determination will be considered for this scholarship. Two letters of recommendation are required.

Please fill out the scholarship application form below for all Purcell Marian scholarships.

All Scholarships will require at least two (2) letters of recommendation. Letters should be written by a non-family member (former or current teachers, coaches, youth group leaders, etc.) who are able to discuss the applicant's character, academic ability, and extracurricular achievements. Recommendation letters for scholarships should be submitted to the Admissions Office at Purcell Marian High School.

Send all materials to the Admissions Office

By Email

By Mail
2935 Hackberry St Cincinnati, OH 45206