I transferred to Purcell Marian my Junior year. This was a huge change for me, transferring from a public school to a private catholic school. It was challenging but the students, staff, and culture were welcoming and supportive, which made for an easier transition.

On my first day, there were so many unfamiliar faces. During lunch, a classmate invited me to eat with her and some of her friends. What a good feeling it was for someone to reach out to me. I was so nervous sitting at the lunch table because I didn't know anyone. As I began to make friends on my own, I gained confidence. I started reaching out to my teachers when I needed help instead of struggling because I was afraid. Their encouragement motivated me to join programs and sports in school, such as Student Council, Softball, and Volleyball.

Change can be scary but good. Being adaptable stretches us and pushes us out of our comfort zone. To grow, allow yourself to be open to doing things out of your comfort zone, like me, I tried out for cheer and then I learned to play volleyball. Be an advocate for yourself by asking questions, and reaching out to others when struggling. It's important to develop your voice so that others come to know you better. 

Purcell Marian educates for adaptation and change. It teaches us to accept and respect differences. While we may believe we have a sense of the next step in our life, how our future will unfold remains a mystery. God calls us to live by faith as we grow, adapt, and change for the better

- Janell, Class of 2023

Janell is enrolled at Northern Kentucky University