In my three years here at Purcell Marian, I was provided with a high-quality education for the whole person, both in and out of the classroom.

Basketball Coach Jamar encouraged me to cultivate my personal talents and acquire skills that will be beneficial throughout my entire life. During our run to the state title, most of us were tired after a very long season. Coach continued to push us and if we weren't giving it 110%, he would send us to the baseline for sprints. I wasn't the best player on the team, but the coaches got the best out of all of us. This also happens in the classroom too as teachers set high expectations and support students in becoming successful. This is something I can take with me as I pursue nursing in college

The education I received at Purcell Marian has been supported by a well-formed community of professionals. In my IB English class, Dr. Erken helped me so much with my writing. I remember preparing for our Paper 1 exam. The whole class dreaded this because we wrote multiple outlines every class period. We would complain but still got the work done. Dr. Erken did her best to make sure we understood the material and what to include on our outlines. We became very good at using evidence and providing a thorough analysis because of Dr. Erken's well-formed teaching style.

Finally, Purcell Marian also provides opportunities to develop an interior life of reflection, contemplation and prayer. During Kairos, I remember writing down things I would like to let go of while sitting on the floor in the chapel. As I sat there writing these things down, tears running down my face, I felt a sense of relief and growth within me. I felt God next to me letting me know it would all be okay. I put my paper in the metal bowl and grabbed the lighter. As I'm standing there burning this piece of paper, I knew I was ready for the next chapter of my life. Kairos showed me we don't need to hold onto our past and that turning to God for help is a good thing. 

Transfering to Purcell during my sophomore year was one of the best things ever to happen to me. I was provided with a quality education which led me to a full scholarship to attend the University of Dayton. Thanks to Purcell Marian, I will continue to grow in my personal talents, be taught by well-formed educators, and be provided with opportunities to develop my interior life

- Nicohl, Class of 2023

Nicohl is enrolled at the University of Dayton