Navigating the road to your future

We measure our success on our 3E Guarantee, which guarantees all graduating seniors are either Employed, Enlisted, or Enrolled at the time of graduation.

3-E Pledge

The College + Career Center empowers all students to achieve their highest potential and, through collaboration with all partners, ensuring future graduates are ENROLLED in the right school with as much financial aid as possible, gainfully EMPLOYED in a meaningful career field with advancement opportunities, ENLISTED in military service that benefits the student's long term career goals.

You can expect the following from the College and Career Center (including, but not limited to):

  1. Access to college admissions counselors, military recruiters, and representatives from various professional career fields.
  2. Workshops, information sessions, classroom instruction, and prepared materials to assist you and your student through all application and admissions processes. 
  3. Opportunity for individual appointments for students as needed. Students can schedule 30 minute appointments during the school day. Parents and guardians are welcome to schedule appointments during the school day or as needed. 


Please note:  Important Dates for the 2023-2024 school year will be published soon. 


As a STUDENT in my senior year at Purcell Marian High School, I will:

  1. Understand what education, training, grades, and test scores are required for my chosen pathway.
  2. Check my Purcell Marian email regularly and listen to announcements for information about events and opportunities hosted by the College and Career Center, and attend those events.
  3. Complete all tasks assigned by the College and Career Center by required deadlines. 
  4. Utilize Naviance, CommonApp and Google classroom.
  5. Commit to my chosen 3-E Pathway: Enrolled, Employed, or Enlisted by May 1st, 2024.

As a parent/guardian, I will:

  1. Educate myself on the admissions process for colleges, career training programs, and the military. 
  2. Provide accurate information about my income to the school for ACT waivers and college applications. 
  3. Work with my students to make sure deadlines are met and applications are complete.
  4. Read the College and Career Center announcements. The CCC will announce opportunities and important information through the PMHS newsletter, Google classroom, and social media.
  5. Attend workshops, informational sessions, webinars, and meetings hosted by the Center for College and Careers. If I cannot attend or have any questions, I will contact the College and Career Center.