Transfer Students

Purcell Marian is a co-ed, Catholic inclusionary school where students become open-minded risk takers, engaged global citizens, and pursue service, justice, and career dreams. Purcell Marian High School, cultivating the best in each for the benefit of all.

i transferred to purcell marian

Transferring high schools can be stressful, but we are here to make it as easy and simple as possible. We have many students who have transferred to Purcell Marian, because of our inclusionary, family atmosphere,  3E Guarantee, new Career Initiatives Program, and the anticipation of Purcell Marian becoming an IB-Candidate School in late 2019/early 2020.  Here's what some of our transfer students are saying.

Elizabeth, 2019 Graduate

"It's something that you won't get anywhere else and it's worth coming here."

Mikhaela, 2019 Graduate

"In the first few weeks of my junior year, I transferred to Purcell Marian and it was the biggest change I have ever experienced. I grew up around the same students, teachers, and coaches, so felt it was time for a new environment. But, I was nervous about the change. The day that I shadowed at Purcell Marian, I met many new people. Everyone welcomed me with open arms. Shockingly, I transferred the next week. Transferring high schools was the best thing I have done. I made friends with many people through sports teams, clubs, and classes. I became very involved because I wanted to leave an impact on Purcell Marian equal to the impact Purcell Marian has had on me. I am proud of myself for embracing this change and staying consistent.  I thank the Purcell Marian Community for welcoming me two years ago, and I’ll never regret becoming a Cavalier. Thank you."

Jared, Senior

“Transferring to Purcell Marian provided me with a opportunity to challenge myself not only athletically, but academically. It is a decision I will never regret.”

Dustin, Junior

"I transferred to Purcell Marian because I was looking for a school that had great diversity...a school that offered a great education while still being able to play the sport I love. What sold me on actually coming to Purcell Marian was how the culture/environment was just like me and what I was looking for; a family environment that has a culture of hard work with a good sprinkle of fun, making  the hard work more enjoyable. Great diversity, great education, and a hard-working family environment are the reasons for my transfer to The Castle."

Kara,  Junior

"I transferred to Purcell Marian because of the family atmosphere I encountered during my first visit. It was unlike anything I had experienced at any other school, and I knew I had to be here."

Principal Andy Farfsing

"Purcell Marian is a microcosm of the way the world was meant to be."