Like all good families, people in the Purcell Marian community will always be there to support you to be the best version of yourself. The support system here pushes you to succeed, makes you feel comfortable and safe, and accepts you for who you are. They look out for all individuals in the community

When my parents and I took a college visit to the University of Dayton, along with us was Mrs. O'Connor. As my student ambassador showed us around and explained to me what UD was all about, Mrs. O'Connor translated what was said for my parents to understand. As they looked around, it made things easier for them and it made them feel comfortable with the university. I would like to thank her for not only supporting my parents and me on the college visit but also for organizing activities and events for students at Purcell Marian to learn about different cultures

Our counselors always pushed my classmates and me to figure out our plans after high school. Without them, I wouldn't have committed to the University of Dayton. Not only were they there to navigate the college world, but they also were supportive on difficult days. I remember walking into their office in tears and they were quick to ask me what was wrong. With words I needed to hear, Ms. Davis was able to help ease my worries. From that day on, I knew I could count on them for anything and walk into their office anytime

Being a part of Purcell Marian has shown me the endless support we have for each other. During Kairos, we all came together to share and listen to our personal stories. Whenever someone was impacted and showed emotion, everyone reacted with empathy. This experience was something very different then what we were all used to. I'm glad that I was able to share those moments with my classmates because not only did it bring us closer, it made me feel like I was a part of a loving and caring family.

I have discovered that this isn't just a school. Purcell Marian is a diverse community that promotes a spirit of family. It has taught me to be more outgoing and confident in the next community I become a part ofThese roots will always be with me and remind me of what a family looks like

- Leslie, Class of 2023

Leslie is enrolled at the University of Dayton