Inclusiveness – Courses that Fit Each Learning Style

Our Center for Support Services Team, better known at Purcell Marian as CS3, team provides specially designed instruction for students on Individualized Education Programs (IEP). From speech and language therapy to a small group setting for tests, each student in the CS3 has a resource bell built into their schedule so they don’t miss in-class instruction. Outside of their resource bell, CS3 students are fully integrated into their academic pathway, whether they’re in IB, College Prep, or General curriculum. We have a Director of the CS3 Program and four full-time intervention specialists, one for each grade level.

The support we provide include:

  • Speech and Language Therapy.
  • A resource bell built into students’ schedules, so they don’t miss class instruction.
    • Outside of their resource bell, our students are fully integrated into their assigned curriculum.
  • Testing/Classroom Accommodations including, but not limited to:
    • Extended time for assessments.
    • Assignment extensions (when communicated appropriately with the teacher).
    • Questions and directions read aloud.
    • Small group setting for assessments.
    • Clarification of directions and questions on assessments and assignments.
    • Guided Notes for teacher lessons.
    • Chunking of longer assignments to ensure students are working at the proper pace.
    • Seating close to the point of instruction or specified area.
  • Collaboration with the Purcell Marian College + Career Center to ensure that each student has a plan for life after high school.

The CS3 has additional costs that include inclusive classroom fees, hourly billing for special education, plus the general tuition for Purcell Marian. Special Education fees are based on the needs of the student. Purcell Marian is a provider of services for both John Peterson and Autism Scholarship programs, which are offered by the State of Ohio. 



Katie Goddard
Director of the Center for Student Support Services

VIEW PROFILEkgoddard@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 303

Katie Albanese
Speech Pathologist

VIEW PROFILEkalbanese@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230

Maggie Cienkus
Intervention Specialist

VIEW PROFILEmcienkus@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 300

Kelsey Mercer
Intervention Specialist

VIEW PROFILEkmercer@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 302

Christina Miller
Intervention Specialist

VIEW PROFILEcmiller@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 300

Serena Ratterman
Intervention Specialist

VIEW PROFILEsratterman@purcellmarian.org513.751.1230 ext. 301