Tuition Management


Tuition for the 2020-21 school year is $10,500 plus a $1,030 Student Life Fee that includes co-curricular activities, field trips, laptops, and technology support. Services provided by CS3 have additional costs that include inclusive classroom fees and hourly billing for special education. Purcell Marian is a provider of services for both John Peterson and Autism Scholarship programs, which are offered by the State of Ohio.


The Student Life Fee enhances the student experience here at Purcell Marian. The fee covers the following items but is not limited to:
  • Lab Fees - dissections, experiments, and lab safety and supplies;
  • Art Supplies - paints, felts, clay, materials;
  • Data and Technology Support
  • Wi-Fi
  • Google Classroom
  • Student/Parent Portals;
  • Field Trips;
  • Retreats | In-house retreats and overnight retreats; and
  • Co-curricular Activities -  sports, clubs, and academic teams.
The following payment plans may be utilized for payment of the fee:
  • 2 payments, one in November and one in March; or
  • 3 payments, one in November, one in January, and one in March.
All students, in order to be eligible for co-curriculars, such as sports, field trips, and clubs, must pay $500 of the Student Fee by Saturday, November 30. Students will not be permitted to participate in winter co-curriculars until $500 of the Student Life Fee has been paid. Students who have not paid at least $750 of their Student Life Fee, will not be permitted to participate in spring co-curriculars.


We encourage all parents to review their payment plan in FACTS and contact the Business Office if you would like to change your payment plan or have a question regarding the payment plans outlined in the Tuition Policy.

If your student is receiving scholarships and/or aids, you will need to create a 2nd FACTS account for Grants and Aid.

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