Medical Forms


In order to safely care for your child, we must have a "Request for Medication by School Personnel" form completed for each medication your child receives at school. (This form is located below). Please bring your child's medication, in its original packaging, with the label and expiration date clearly visible, to the nurse (it may be dropped off at the front desk). We will be unable to administer medication to your child without completed paperwork.

For the safety of all students, no student will be permitted to carry non-emergent medications. (Self-carry medication such as emergency epinephrine and inhalers require paperwork, signed by a medical provider.)

MedicationS Form

Medication Administration Form (PDF)

Prescription Medications: The form must be completed and signed by both the Healthcare Provider and parent/guardian.
Over-the-counter Medications: The form must be signed and completed by a parent/guardian.
New medication and paperwork must be provided for each school year. Please pick up your child's medication at the end of the school year. 

Diabetes Forms

Additional Forms


Hearing, and vision screenings will be conducted on all freshmen and juniors during each school year in order to comply with the Ohio Department of Health Guidelines. Screenings promote early detection of a potential health problem, many of which can be easily corrected. Parents are notified by phone or mail if a student does not pass a screening in order to seek prompt medical evaluation.
 If you have any questions, please contact school nurse Elizabeth Pyles, RN at 513.751.1230 ext. 400.