Laying the foundation for the International Baccalaureate Program in the Cavalier Scholars Program

September 20, 2021
International Baccalaureate Students
The Cavalier Scholars Program kicked off the new year with a summer series of experiences to welcome the incoming Freshmen and provide the time and place for friendships to develop within and beyond their class.
A ZipLine adventure, Walking Tour of Over-the-Rhine (focused on the labor movement), and a workshop on leadership skills encouraged students to take a risk, go beyond their comfort zone, and acquire new information and skills.

Beyond the Classroom - Engaging with Our City

Throughout September and into October, the Cavalier Scholars will prepare for a Town Hall on Hackberry with Jan-Michell Kearney and Greg Landsman, Cincinnati City Council members.

Council Members will share why they are engaged in local politics, what motivates them to serve the community through involvement in city government, and what recommendations they have for high school students.

In turn, the Cavalier Scholars will pose questions looking for insights and answers on the critical issues facing Cincinnati: affordable housing, police-community relations, corruption in City Hall, Cincinnati’s connection to the global community, and more.


The Cavalier Scholars Program is for you if:

  • You have a B average in math and language arts in grade 7 and the first half of grade 8 and/or a 9th-grade equivalent score on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills in math and language arts.
  • You are curious, like to ask questions, and are willing to research to distinguish fact from fiction.
  • You are open-minded and ready to take a risk.
  • You care about others.
  • You are committed to becoming the person God has called you to be.
Purcell Marian invites eighth-grade students with a strong academic track record to apply for membership in the Cavalier Scholars Program. The Freshman and Sophomore course of study will ensure you have the International Baccalaureate Program prerequisites during your Junior and Senior years.
International Baccalaureate Program
With registration complete and schedules finalized, the IB Program at PMHS is growing: 16 Seniors and 27 Juniors have signed up for IB classes.
Visual Arts
  • Seniors: 10, Juniors: 21
English Language + Literature
  • Seniors: 8, Juniors: 18
History of the Americas
  • Seniors: 6, Juniors: 14
  • Seniors: 4, Juniors: 10
  • Seniors: 1, Juniors: 9
Math Analysis + Approaches
  • Seniors: 6, Juniors: 10

In total, 43 students are taking 117 IB classes. Seven juniors and one senior are pursuing the full IB Diploma.

IB Students, Class of 2021
May 2021 was the first opportunity Cavaliers had to take the External Assessments from IB. After a year of virtual learning, synchronous and asynchronous classes, Seniors taking IB classes sat for the External Assessments. The scores are in, and we are proud to announce that PM students earned college credit at various schools, highlighted by credits earned at Northwestern University.
Purcell Marian’s Global Connections
Purcell Marian will offer a service-learning experience each year designed to take students out of their comfort zones while encouraging them to be open-minded and take a risk. Two delegations from PMHS will travel abroad on service-learning trips over spring break in March 2022.
  • Working with the Tandana Foundation, four students and two staff members will partner with indigenous families in the Andes Mountains to work on a project that their community has decided is necessary. In 2019, the last year we were able to send delegations abroad, Cavaliers collaborated with a village of 45 families to install a drainage system in their soccer field under construction, perform road maintenance, and help out in the local primary school.
  • A delegation of six students and two staff members will travel to Krakow, Poland, to collaborate with a local social service organization and tour the Auschwitz Concentration Camp - the trip's primary focus. The experience, organized by CAS Trips, is modeled on the IB CAS Project (creativity, activity, service) and will include various activities.

International Baccalaureate