This is my PM story: Avril

December 13, 2022

The Purcell Marian Annual Fund is the most important annual fundraiser for the success of our school. Each dollar donated directly benefits our students and school community. Each year, hundreds of Purcell Marian alumni, parents, faculty and staff, and friends of Purcell Marian impact the lives of our students with their meaningful contributions to the Annual Fund. We rely on your support to continue this tradition and to promote our mission: a Catholic community that cultivates the best in each for the benefit of all.

When you give to Purcell Marian, you are helping to build our future, one student at a time.

Avril, a sophomore at Purcell Marian, is following the Outstanding Among All family tradition and making her own path at the Castle.

“My older brother, Alberto, came here, so I wanted to follow in his footsteps, but you know, I also have my own path.”

Her path includes becoming a preschool teacher, or an audiologist or a flight attendant to travel the world. Avril has lots of goals for herself, and she’s still deciding what she wants to be- but one thing is for certain - she will go to college, and Purcell Marian is helping her get there.

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“My parents came to the United States for me to have a better life than they had because they didn’t have the education I have now. And, I feel like if I show them that I can do it, then they came here for a reason, that it was a good choice.” 

Like Avril’s family, many of our parents sacrificed for us to attend a Catholic high school, and their choice to send us to Purcell Marian, or our historic family of schools, benefits all of us. Students, just like Avril, go on to be young adults contributing to the common good as active and engaged citizens.
When you donate to the Annual Fund, you’re contributing to a double bottom line - students' lives are impacted for the better, and all of our lives are enriched by graduates who do good in our world.

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