Empowering students to ask questions and find answers in IB History

February 4, 2022

Six key concepts have particular prominence throughout an IB history course: change, continuity, causation, consequence, significance, and perspective. Throughout the course, students develop an understanding of the past, engage with multiple views, use primary and secondary sources, and increase their self-understanding and an understanding of the world today.

Students dive into the History of North and South America, but do so not only from the perspective of the Americas but the perspective of the whole Global community.  Understanding that the impact of history differs depending on the view you adopt is a crucial aspect of IB History. To find those different perspectives, students are empowered to ask questions and find answers themselves,

Here's what Cavaliers have to say about their experience in the IB History of the Americas course.

Why did you decide to take the History of the Americas Class?

  • "To get a deeper understanding of history and more on how/why the world is the way it is today." -  Derryck
  • "Because I am really good at history and always had a passion for it, so I wanted to see a more advanced level of it." - Logan
  • "I wanted to dive into the study of history  I also have always enjoyed history class and wanted to push myself to take the next level." - Leslie

What challenges have you faced, or do you think you'll be asked to take?

  • "I have been faced with challenges of time management, prioritizing, critical thinking, and coming up with my own ideas and solutions instead of asking for the answer- essentially taking risks." - Brandon
  • "Harder assignments, stepping out of my comfort zone, more strict grading, and overall just having to be on top of my game constantly in an IB classroom" - Carlos

What risks have you been asked to take?

  • "Share ideas or talk about topics I'm unsure about or not confident in as well, I will be asked to step out of my comfort zone and take a risk of pushing and challenging myself outside of the level I think I'm capable of." - Carlos
  • "We've been told to take everything we've learned in history and create our own perspective of it because everything we're taught comes from others perspective so when learning we should keep an open mind and form our own opinion." - Ke'Shya

Do you have any advice for Freshmen or Sophomores who are considering the IB History of the Americas Class?

  • "If you are considering the IB HOTA class, you should go for it  It is a great class and it opens your eyes to all aspects of history without just relying on textbooks." - Eijah
  • "I think they should only take this class if they are willing to undergo the actual study of history  I think they should also prepare themselves for something that will push them to the next level and will challenge their knowledge." - Leslie
  • "Some advice that I would give to those who are considering taking this course is to always ask questions, be sure to speak up and be involved in discussions, complete your work on time, and use other resources besides the teacher like working with your classmates or asking other staff members." - Khamyla
  • "To stick it through, challenge yourself, and don't give up because the reward is worth it." - Sam


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