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November 10, 2023

“This has become an annual experience for Purcell Marian. And it’s one that our students have begun to look forward to.”

Before the sun has risen, and before the first bell for classes has sounded, the campus of Purcell Marian begins to fill with excited voices of students. Some students are wrapped in blankets in the crisp October air as they wait to board their charter bus. Others are carrying tote bags of snacks and headphones in preparation for a day on the road. All students are getting ready for the College + Career Center 3E Exploration Day, a day-long experience exploring colleges, universities, military, and career options.

“The aura of the day is very professional. Students are still in uniform are expected to be present and participate. As the students load the buses, they know that this is serious, an opportunity to plan for their future,” says Chris Wilke, Director of the Career Initiatives Program and a teammate who assisted in coordinating the day-long event.

“I think students enjoy this experience. Eating lunch on campus, meeting with business leaders, and every experience that happens on these tours is unique,” continues Wilke.

Students receive a survey a month prior to the trip, and students get assigned to the top 2-3 choices for their tour assignments.

“This has become an annual experience for Purcell Marian. And it’s one that our students have begun to look forward to. We incorporate links to every one of the schools when we send out the survey so that students can research ahead of time and be prepared for their time on campuses,” said Wilke.

And the students do just that, researching and preparing thoughtful questions to make the best use of their time on campuses and college tours.

“All of the colleges and sites that we visited have remarked how actively engaged our students are. They’re forward-thinking, posing questions about their future. Asking about graduating rates, how can this campus help me be successful? As well as, ‘What do I bring to the community here?’” Wilke shares.

Purcell Marian opts to include the entire student body freshman through senior class, in an effort to be proactive in planning for life post-graduation.

Organized and led by the College + Career Center of Purcell Marian, the 3E Exploration Day exposes every student of Purcell Marian to post-secondary opportunities. Faculty and staff are divided into groups that chaperone the entire student body in a day solely dedicated to conversation and consideration of what comes next for students after high school. The 2023 3E Exploration Day included stops at the following:

  • West Virginia State University
  • Kentucky State University
  • University of Cincinnati
  • Monti/ Pepper Construction
  • Cincinnati State
  • Morehead State University
  • Sinclair Community College
  • Wright Patterson Air Force Base
  • Marines
  • Central State University
  • National Guard
  • UC Blue Ash
  • Miami University
  • Art Academy & Weston Art Gallery
  • Thomas More University
  • Mt. St. Joseph University
  • Xavier University

Purcell Marian seniors toured the University of Dayton a week prior due to the university’s fall break happening during Exploration Day.

Purcell Marian needs the support of our alumni and community to fund these types of life-enriching experiences. From paying for chartered buses, to offsetting the cost of lunches on college campuses, gifts to the Annual Fund make a meaningful impact on the lives of students exploring what the future holds for them. The 3E Exploration Day is only made possible through charitable gifts to the Annual Fund.

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