Welcome, Class of 2028!

January 29, 2024

The floors of Purcell Marian tell a story.

It is a story of all the feet that have walked to and from classrooms, quickly finding their way to their next class, club, or athletic practice.

Among the feet that have walked these halls include a Heisman Trophy winner, Super Bowl Participants and Champions, Olympians, doctors and nurses, attorneys and judges, mayors and congresspeople, inventors, actors, musicians, authors, educators and mentors, scientists, restaurateurs and proprietors, and those who have dedicated their life to serving others through religious devotion.

That story always started with Acceptance. Acceptance to Purcell Marian, acceptance to be themselves, acceptance to become the people they were meant to be, acceptance to belong.

Today, the Class of 2028 joins all those who have walked the halls with the potential to become our next mayor, a groundbreaking inventor, a doctor or nurse, or the kind of educator who returns to the Castle to teach at their alma mater, as so many have done before them.

Welcome to Purcell Marian. It's Where You Belong!

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