Back to school with the College and Career Center

July 27, 2021

Some exciting changes are coming to the College + Career Center for the upcoming school year!

First and foremost, we are so happy to announce that we will be back in the College + Career Center! Due to COVID-19 protocol and the need for one-way hallways, the College + Career Center team was split up into different areas so that the Center could be used as a one-way hallway. It was nice to see students using the center as a social space before school each day; but, we will be happy to be back there and more visible and available to students! Additionally, a few smaller offices are being created within that large space to give students privacy while talking to their counselors. You will find Mr. Key and Ms. LaForge in two of those smaller offices!

This brings us to the next and more exciting item: OUR TEAM IS GROWING! Please join us in welcome Mrs. Kimberly Farley-Smith to the College + Career Center. Mrs. Smith comes to us with many years of experience and positive energy, and a love for students. We are so happy to have her on our team!! She will also have an office within the College + Career Center.

Mr. Wilke is hard at work getting ready for another great year in the Career Initiatives program. Students looking for him should go to Room 37, where there is guaranteed to be a lot of hands-on learning happening!

Students and families should be sure to watch their email for a welcome message from their counselor. This is especially important for our juniors and seniors, who will need to know who will walk with them through choosing their 3-E designation.

As we wind down the summer, here are some tips for you and your students to get ready to start the school year off right:

  • Find a place for everything. If students decide once where their backpack, computer, charger, wallet, shoes, sports equipment, etc. will “live” during the school year and USE that spot each day, the likelihood of anything being lost lessens and lowers the amount of chaos and stress for everyone in the mornings. 
  • Form school-happy habits. From day one (we suggest starting now to get used to them), start routines that are both manageable for your family members and conducive to streamlined evenings & mornings. Consider:
    • Packing backpacks, water bottles, and other supplies the night before a school day
    • Setting out school uniforms in the evening for the next day
    • Reviewing the next day’s schedule each evening
  • Communicate early and often. And with every involved party - within families, teachers, counselors, other students’ caregivers, adults, coaches, etc. - you name it. Talk to them, and be willing to listen as well. School is such an important time for students - and a great time for us as the Cavalier family to support each other. Let’s make this school year a success from the beginning! Families can find contact information for teachers and administrators here. We also invite you to attend Meet the Teacher Night on Wednesday, August 25, from 3 pm-6 pm.

With Cavalier Pride, 

The College + Career Counseling Department


College + Career Center